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Six emcees strong Zone Fam have been hailed as one of the hottest hip hop acts in Zambia, exploded onto the country’s hip hop scene in 2004. Their name originated from a studio they used to frequent known as ‘The Zone’ managed by Duncan Sodala of Slam Dunk Records. Zone Fam’s members,  The Holstar, Al Kan-I, Dope G, Jay Rox, Verbal Assasin, Thugga and M.A.K.,  rap their way through the language of hip hop that is their art, their voices beating a blazing tattoo on the subjects of personal  belief, Africa and ethnicity, and the power and influence of hip hop on the collective being.

Their fresh new release in 2010 has been a cross country mixtape collaboration with Teckzilla, a London based Nigerian Producer and hip hop artist who hails from the group Str8 Buttah for Str8 Buttah Productions.  Their collaboration gave birth to the album titled ‘The Full Script’ featuring dope tracks such as ‘To be an African,’ ‘Dream’, and ‘Hip Hop Personified’.  ‘Dream’ is featured on Haveplentymusic latest African Hip Hop podcast.

Zone Fam are currently back in the lab  working on their next album due for release next year. With producers like Teckzilla, the Pope and Purple Haze  expect nothing but dope undergound africaness!

Vocalize with the Zone Fam by downloading their album at:

<a href="">The Full Script by Zone Fam</a>

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