Top Fives 2011 – Through the lens

And the retrospective continues with a visual reflection by Naturelle:
My camera is my companion. I take it everywhere I go. I hide behind it. It helps me express what I can’t put into words.
It was difficult narrowing down to five, because as my friend Tebogo said the other day, I should be charged for being a serial picture taker. But focus demands sacrfice. So here are the top 5 pictures I took in 2011 courtesy mostly to the power of the 5D.
1. Summer Smile: Actress Abena Ayivor smiles as she judged the Miss Ghana in South Africa pageant at the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations. I just love the warmth in her face and the way her eyes smile too.

2. Grateful, Lights and Gaps: Kyla Rose, Violinist from Freshly Ground captured from the audience in Port Elizabeth during the groups 10 year anniversary tour. I love the soft silhouttes of the audience in the foreground and the way the lights dance. The spot of green smoke on the top left corner is the cherry on top.

3. Thoughtful Wait: A lady waits to be served the bar at the first ever Kool Out Live to be held in Joburg. Kichteners lounge, Braamfontein.

4.Self Portrait. Enroute to Kayalami on a beautiful day so Thulani’s dropped the top. No photoshop.

5. I was sitting in transit at Madrid airport, for hours. I looked up, this is what I saw.

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