The Kullid of Kwaito

The Kullid of Kwaito african
Press Release:
The Kullid of Kwaito
@coloured_black is a kwaito electro house artist from da hood in Cape Town, South Africa. He is proudly Coloured-Mzansi (Like quasi – like just enough you know)

Coloured Black is fun, cheeky, deep, light, bouncy african kwaito house with a touch of the western world hanging on for dear life trying to dance like a black man. You won’t be shoulder jivin to more than 114 BPM with this cat. It’s all chunky as a chicken breast ma bru.

“The name Coloured Black really has no meaning besides the one you’d like to attach to it. Just enjoy the words.”

The Coloured Black sound is fresh and inspired by pioneers like Felix La Band, Tone Deaf Junkies, Knife Party and the general fun quirky story telling vibe of South African Kwaito Beatz.

Follow online and you will be updated on when the EP and music library for tv/film being released internationally.

The Kullid of Kwaito african0

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