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Top 5 Discovered Artist 2011

The December Top Five Series continues with more appreciation by Shipepe Nakuumba. 1. Mayhem Lauren (Try listen to: Got the Fever) 2. Jamie Woon (Try listen to:Lady Luck) 3. Clare Fischer (Try listen to: morning) “this song is too much” 4. Phantogram – (Try listen to:Let me go) also (Try listen to :Running from the […]

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2011 Top Five African Music Producers by Core Wreckah

To mindful music consumers, the role of the producer is as essential and important to the creation of an album as nutrients are to cultivating a healthy lifestyle. One of the wonders of buying albums is getting immersed in the liner notes in order to discover who was responsible for what part on a song. […]

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Top Fives 2011 – Through the lens

And the retrospective continues with a visual reflection by Naturelle: My camera is my companion. I take it everywhere I go. I hide behind it. It helps me express what I can’t put into words. It was difficult narrowing down to five, because as my friend Tebogo said the other day, I should be charged […]

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