Pink Chokolate

With her vivacious, energetic and distinctive sound, Lady May incorporates the beats and rhythm of R&B, Afro-pop and traditional Namibian music to create a tempestuous stage presence, that is as infamous as her dancing and as remarkable as her daring outfits.
Lady May’s singing career started at the age of 18, when she released her debut album entitled ‘Kamaali’ (which in the Namibian language of Oshiwambo means ‘Little Martha’). She is a natural tour de force best seen live. Her debut does little to describe the passion and raw power with which this songbird pours out her soul onstage. In recent years this has become evident in her being awarded at the Channel O Music Awards for two consecutive years running (2008 and 2009).
Spinning on the wheels of the success of her four albums, Lady May’s Pink Chokolate and her latest release ‘Tiger Ambition’, showcase the singer’s range of vocal talent – from smooth and sultry to the sound of the frenzied beating of African drums. Her popularity in the country and all over the continent is furthermore confirmed by the list of artists who feature on her songs.
Managed by record label Ogopabutterfly, Lady May has grown from strength to strength and one to watch.
‘Pink Chokolate’ and ‘Come And Get Me’ are available online at bandcamp and

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