Poetry Video | Pambo Mubeli aka Iseehigh “Infini”

Gabon artist and rapper Pambo Mubeli also known as Iseehigh has been developing an urban poetry movement through his Nyabinghi Poetry Slam initiative in his country. Below is a video of his poem titled “Inifini” a metaphor for the the astral plane and peaks(sss) of sexual pleasure. Enjoy indeed.

A rough translation for non-francophones via google translation reads:
Infinity by Pambo Mubeli / Iseehigh

Looks like the sky is her dress fire
Under the gaze of the sun light seat
Shining visible miles away
Burning soul spirit and flesh
Look how our eyes climb on the wings of dreams
When our plant sap flows burning like the sun
And looks like the spirit is a walk in the endless sky

Open your arms and embrace the constellations
Mary daylight and night shadows
In a rainbow of emotions
Let him lead you between Eden and damnation
Traverse the planets and hears the sound of drums punctuating the kidneys of this lady
Lady come to the body burning sun
And looks like the spirit is a walk in the endless sky

Dark night suspended between reality and fiction
Bittersweet, virtue, and virtue and depravity
Are you real or am I a dreamer bounded
Clinging like a starved to a stillborn pleasure
Draw me a sheep, take me in your fantasy world
That swirls galore draw me triangular shapes
Make me crazy, drunk nourish myself to your impure source
Take me out of bed this deliver me from these walls
Catch me doing it tough light
Then beg like a beggar for letting me touch his ankles
It makes me his son or even his daughter
I spent it illuminated priest
Archangel messenger of his complaints diurnal
Or raving mad nights of full moon
When the pleasure is vision
Vision of the child I was
Breastfed from poverty but sane
Ancient symbols misunderstood
Clamor of silence
Eruption of the senses
Until the explosion that gives birth to the cosmos
Bing bang Akingoss
Life, earth, plants
Vertigo, climb Kilimanjaro
Altitude, wholeness, spirit is eagle or hawk
For the mystical negro smearing its hieroglyphs in search of divinity
Ecstasy, dreams of perfection of the great outdoors
Of heaven and hell
Buds, strawberries, photosynthesis
And my heart that tambourine, tambourine in prison of flesh
Sound, rhythm
Desire Pleasure
Night, Sky, Heavens
Then, blue hour
Essence, Children, Luminescence
Millennia Deluge
Hell, Ark.
Pseudo curse Ham, Kem
Canaan Misraïm
Ancestors, Elohim
Apple Eden
And she, So beautiful
Infinite, Infinite, Infinite

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