New Podcast Episode up! Guest Mix by DJ Nkokhi

Born in Bergville, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, DJ Nkokhi says his musical path really began with the help of a little technology. In 2001 he got hooked onto the internet and consumed every bit of information he could feast his eyes on – particularly info pertaining to the music business and how to lavish the world with his beats.
By 2006 he had found a job working as a Sound Engineer and honed his skills by tirelessly working on producing demos, recording and mixing. Later that year, whilst focusing on the art of DJing, he was offered a post as a Music Production Tutor at Spinout Studios situated in the creative and economic hub of Rosebank, Joburg.
Always one to explore new horizons, DJ Nkokhi also set up and started running Dojob, a DJ and producer network in 2007.
2010 will see the release of After Effects , a labour of love that effortlessly blends house, electro, trance with afro elements. This is afro house music at its finest: 100% proudly South African – 100% from the heart.
DJ Nkokhi New Album Collab ‘Dojob” is OUT NOW on Junodownload featuring massive tunes to get your feet shuffling.

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