Ndugus featuring Kaktus & Ekori

Fresh Sonic Produce from Kenya: Check out Kenyan rapper Ndugus (Ndugus Uswakamili) with his second album Dunia ya Leo. A north-south collaboration Dunia ya Leo is produced by Jonny Lupo (Alchemics) , Li Empire ( who are both from Moldova) and Audio Kusini (Kenya. The 12 track album features a host of guest appearances and reflects on the current state of of the world: the felt and visible changes, rapid succession of unprecedented events, egocentricism, hate and materialism that have engulfed mother-earth. The Album is available on iTunes.

Asali is the first music video from Dunia ya Leo and features collabs with Kaktus and Ekori. Check it out:

Asali is free to download on Ndungus Bandcamp page:

Ndugus’s first album Ghetto 2 Ghetto released in 2008. It was linking the love and societal ills within Ghettos. The album consequently hatched the Ghetto 2 Ghetto Foundation which, nurtures talents, promotes awareness on HIV/Aids, and equips people in the ghettos with skills to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It works closely with Fulltime Entertainment, Kuna Vijana and Ni Sisi to achieve its goals.

As a hiphop activist, Ndungu heads VOTU Radio (Voice of the Underground), an online radio that promotes music in Africa.

Connect with Ndugus on his website: ndugusmusiq.info

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