#MusicMonday: Cruz Control Vol.1

In in the Northwest province of Mafikeng South Africa, poets and rappers from different part of Africa usher in 2012 rapping, speaking in poetic tongues narrating through an array of native idioms ranging from Sheng, Swahili, isiZulu, Setswana, Pidgin, Motswako. This project was called A Dollar a Day, the theme urging responsible leadership, and including youth in political decision-making.

Fast forward to the summer of 2012 inside Dextraw studio. Here resides MM3rd aka Akili Blaq who is putting the final touches to the 2011 summer sequel of A dollar day.

Cruz Control vol.1 his latest production was released on the 29th of October 2012.

Lefoko abbreviates to LFK, a Hip-hop Movement from Mafikeng, in the North West Province of South Africa, otherwise known as the Motswako republic. LFK continues to dominate the Hiphop culture in the region following the creation of performance spaces since 2003.

3rd says, “Cruz control vol 1 is a limited edition project that was pushed off backpacks. “Most of us were unemployed then we couldn’t produce often. During this time I took went ahead to study the craft while taking any opportunity to arrest vocals of LFK members . Gradually I acquired better equipment, making more beats and re-mastering CC vol. 1.”

Features on Cruz Control vol 1. include KT, Bekz, Relevant Source, Thai, Gomez, Andyvidual, Aro, Mo Klaasik, Rhuff, Hara, UK Grym and Dub selector Dj AK, TLS, K9, Nasi repping Sotho Mafia and APU.

MM3rD’s fingers tunes crisp beats on this production. Whilst the facilitation of the project overseen by Lerato Mosimane(PAYT -South Africa) & Muki Garang from (Maisha yetu,Kenya). Abu Sebekedi hosts Cruz Control with his humor and MC skills, his character serving as the backdrop of MM3rD’s inspiration.

LFK’s introduction to the South African Hiphop scene saw the release of a compilation Spring sessions vol 1 a local classic among Motswako fans in South Africa & Botswana to date. Lefoko’s territorial sound comprises hosting all elements of hiphop and a huge crowd at the local city gazebo – something similar to what is done at WAPI (words and pictures) in Nairobi Kenya or Black Sunday in Soweto. This saw LFK members performing at the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa.

It should be noted that LFK is actually considered a home by most of the artists in ADAD and CC vol.1. Muki says, “LFK is the only movement and studio that allows you to be on the same level with the big names of Mafikeng’s trademark Motswako. Here we share one space breaking one bread.”

Some of the artists working hand in hand with LFK just to mention but a few are Hempza Mawawa, Khuli Chana Hiphop Pantsula not forgetting singer and song writer Mo Klaasik, Morafe, Towdemac. For a full list of featured artists visit Dextraw studio site.

Cruz Control vol 1 Reloaded boasts 22 solid track,topics ranging from party, everyday struggle, love and even battle raps. Abu sebekedi’s BEE lady is bound to rouse debate while KT and TLS profess their love in Dejavu. Gomez & Villa challenge Mcees in their up-front tswana chant Same mess and K9 quashes all punchlines thrown by your favourite rapper in Severe punches. Described best by it’s creators “It is Hip hop music with certain soulful edge and at times amped up, charged with drums that could get you to easily toyi toyi in the office or at your wedding.” Download the album here.

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