Hip Hop Collabs: Malkovich featuring Sum| produced by Becoming Phill

Written By: Becoming Phill

So sometimes I’m like a randomly firing AK-47 on these social networks, sending out work requests to any artists whose music I see fit. Enter Malkovich, an Iranian (recently turned) American rapper hailing from L.A.. Watching his remix of Flock of Gulls ’82 hit ‘I ran so far away’ which he turned into ‘IRAN so far away‘ and his catchy lyrics and thoroughly dope choice of beats and catchy rhyming style on the Ayatollah Presley mixtape which was mixed by popular Detroit, U.S. DJ HouseShoes, I was immediately convinced I should be working with this dude. What also caught my attention about this guy was his almost surreal life story, reading like something out of….I really don’t even know what it reads like, it’s just crazy and mad interesting.

He went through my soundcloud account back in 2009 and what came out two years later was ‘What I know’ featuring another Los Angeles native ‘SumKid‘ or ‘Sum‘ of the Milky Way&The Lone Wolf Hip Hop fusion band. This song is serious Hip Hop business. Having already received rave reviews in underground circles in the States, we are hoping to build off the steam and get a whole album project moving, proving once and for all that we think very little of physical distance.


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