Fresh: Core Wreckah release – “Reverb”

While a lot of fuss has been made over the word swagger and the implications if spewed forth from the
mouth of a forward-thinking hip-hop head, Core Wreckah has been busy putting his own spin to the word.

On “Reverb” a melangé of sparse drumming, guitar licks, and muted basslines, and vocalist Sarah Core re-imagines the word, re-christening it as swag 2.0. The result is a sweltering, acute critique of our social condition; the song is a direct attack on the implications of focusing on the self while ignoring the whole. Core successfully takes the listener on a reflective trip, pointing out some of the factors which – in his opinion at least – are way more poignant
than the amount of ‘swagger’ one possesses.

This is more than just a ‘third world concern’, but a song which addresses issues which affect
communities in even the most disparate of reaches globally.

Yet all this talk of ‘social consciousness’ may seem a tad overarching, preachy, not to mention outright
imposing and self-absorbed. Core Wreckah puts it all into perspective thus: ‘I am in no way advocating
that people should stop being materialistic – that is their choice. However, with this song, I hope that
everyone at least acknowledges the existence of an alternate set of people, a people who may not be
enamoured in opulence, for no opportunities of self-improvement are presented to them’.

00 – core wreckah – reverb – (with Sarah) by corewreckah

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