Does South Africa have STR.CRD?

Where: Maboneng Precint, Downtown Johannesburg
When: Saturday September 24th 2011
Reviewed by: Naturelle

The Maboneng precint was the venue for this years street culture expo STR.CRD.
Maboneng loosely translated means “where there are lights” An endearing century old phrase used to describe Johannesburg by migrant labourers and those in rural areas.
This is a recently gentrified part of the city. Previously abandoned warehouses now host a popular independent movie house: The Bioscope. Adjacent to it is the 12 Decades hotel and apartments where the hip and cool live. The hip and cool
get hungry too and they’ve got to Pata Pata restaurant and live venue to serve them.
I first heard about STR.CRD About four months ago via na invite from a man whose earned his street credibility in the SA street scene. DJ Raiko created an event on FB and alongside thousands of others on the Kool Out Live Database I got a notification of the exhibit.

In the months leading to the day there’s been much publicity and hype around the gig which was first held in Cape Town last year. Upon arriving at the closed off street venue, we were greeted by a crowd that started off at the stage area
swaying to P-Kuttah’s cuts and spilling into the bar and chill areas down the street.
The stage area gave artists such as Ill Skillz, BLK JKS, DA LES from Jozi, MAGGZ and Dirty Paraffin a birds eye view of the crowd and horizon while performing. All around the two cordoned off blocks there was a hive of activity of all things street. Graph writers hovered overhead on scaffolding producing murals from spray cans. You could go to the bar get some Dutch courage to get into the sumo-wrestlingring or get indoors and shop direct from some of the biggest street brands in the game.

Overall a well attended, much needed alternative but could have been better organized event. ( Some stalls were still being painted and set up at 10am when people were walking in).

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