Core Wreckah with Deney | Yesterday

Following the unprecedented reception of his first single, ‘Ngoan’a nts’oana’, Core Wreckah seems intent on unleashing more of his sure-fire trademark flow as a means of further cementing his presence in hip-hop.

This time around he has collaborated with San the Instru-monumentalist, a producer whose relationship with Core stretches back a decade. Says Core: ‘I find that friends tend to be easy to work with. San was one of the people I came up with, and we have a mutual outlook in terms of how to do things’. The resulting track, ‘Yesterday’, is the tale of a love triangle gone wrong, a story which takes the outsider’s perspective on how it feels to be cheated on. It is about Mots’oane, Mats’eliso (his wife), and Mosito (his blood brother), their interactions, and the subsequent complications which arise when Mots’oane inadventently discovers his wife’s adultery. It is a multi-tiered symphony of pain which also has as its focal point the impact brought upon the protagonist’s family by their offspring’s misgivings.

Regular collaborator, Deney (with whom Core has a side-project with in the form of the live outfit Three Piece Suit), lends her sultry vocals to the song, and leading to a much-needed release after what may sound like an eternity of tension during Core’s rhyme excursion.

The song is also on San and The Kritik’s forthcoming project, ‘Classic dirt’, a collaborative effort between the two Lesotho-based producers which also features the likes of Moka Only (Canada) and Little Vic (US). Intent on narrating tales from his homeland, Lesotho, Core’s voice commands attention; the finesse with which he articulates long-established Sesotho fables as well as new-age rap scenarios has the potential to leave an everlasting impression upon the listener. Get it while the getting is good >>>

00 – Core Wreckah (with Deney) – Yesterday [] by biz-ark-human

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4 thoughts on “Core Wreckah with Deney | Yesterday

  1. the love is always appreciated brethren, big up yourselves…

  2. Ya, days’f love have gone by. We live in barrel of cash, glamour and fame, which is b******t

  3. I wish you guys would add your real names in your biographies, it would make our work as publishers easier. I’m publishing some work for Babs and under collabourations these names aren’t going to fly. Anyway all the best with future endeavours.

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