Black Vulcanite – ‘I hope they write’

Written by Ennis Beukes

Black Vulcanite, they appear to remember the future. They are not a rag tag posse of loonies that see things that don’t exist; they are a rag tag posse of loonies that see things that don’t exist YET. Some of you will call them visionaries long after their time and some of you will marvel at their gifts today.

This bio has nothing to do with precognition or how they are kinda fuggen dope, this is a terrestrial and extraterrestrial broadcast announcing their presence in your schools, malls and offices. I hope you are watching closely.

Now seriously, outside the world of cleverly written bio’s they are three guys that banded together for the common goodness of making music. One is a poet, the other is a skateboarder and the third a rapper but together they are one and one of them is all three. Black Vulcanite was founded/necessitated by the absence of a voice in Namibia to represent the plight of the evolved geek across the domains of fashion, music, sports and the resurgence of black integrity in metropolitan life

The group is composed of three artists: Mark Mushiva AKA Mark Question, Alain Villet AKA aliTHATdude/Nemesis and Nikolai Tjongarero AKA NikolaiTNB. The group sees itself as a totem that continues to reflect the minds of the youth today in hope that their listeners “find” themselves while listening to the multi-dimensional cataloging of their three lives. A relatively new union, Black Vulcanite is set to release its first EP in August, mean while Mark Question and AliThatDude are putting the finishing touches on their own solo projects.

Having a considerable notoriety in their mother city Windhoek, the group has plans to invade foreign markets to gather a larger following before unveiling a 15 track audio book recorded in parallel with their 1st mixedtape and narrating their individual journeys into adulthood and the events that brought them together.

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