African Hip Hop: Zubz The Last Letta – Extras

Zubz Dragion  upcoming album Lion-Full Circle
Hip Hop Artist/Composer/Songwriter Zubz The Last Letta releases his first single from his upcoming album, DragonLion – FullCircle.

The song is called Extras and is defined by Zubz as “Peaceful Protest
Music”, an ode to the marginalized. “I want the song to feel like pace,
without racing. I want it to seem loud without shouting. This song is
about trying to capture the mood of a fed-up people carrying a desire to
effect change.”

Zubz debuted the song live in front of thousands at this years’ Back To The City festival, the biggest Hip Hop platform in South Africa and had
the crowd shouting back the catchy chorus by the song’s end.

Asked about the song, the rapper reveals, “I’m speaking to my core
audience here saying this song is not about anyone else but you!” says
Zubz “You are the star in your life’s movie and have no business living like you’re just an extra in it”

Mozambican painter Ricardo Pinto Jorge was tasked by Zubz to create an original album artwork piece inspired by the album. The graphic depicts a dragon entwined with a lion all within a circular shape.

“Of course there is a literal depiction of the album title in the artwork” says Zubz, “but there are also less obvious depictions. The
colours represent the countries where I was born, raised and am based;
Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Yin -Yang looking form that the
dragon and the lion take, speaks to balance.”

This balance is alluded to again by painter Ricardo Pinto Jorge, who says
being a pilot and an artist gives him a sense of equilibrium. “I am highly
influenced by street art, pop art and modern art. I vastly employ
self-taught stencil techniques. My topics focus on daily pop culture,
politics and history, daily occurrences, life experiences, stories I hear,
discussions I have with friends and acquaintances, dreams and nightmares
as well as ideas and concepts I come up with. I find inspiration in life
and my stimulus, music.”

Available as a free download

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