African Hip Hop: Feels Like 1995 Mixtape

Malawian Mc Dominant 1 Hip Hop Mixtape Check out Malawian MC, song writer, producer,Perfomer Dominant 1 a.k.a. Setting the Standard latest Mixtape “Feels Like 1995”
Dominant 1 has been producing for nine years and has produced for the likse of 3rd Eye, Phi Ella, Manyanda, Wisdom Chitedze a.k.a. Qodesh Brown, Biriwiri, Cris Mack, Black Sqript, Awkword(U.S.A) ,Miss Monica Kent (U.S.A) and many more
Dominant 1 is a four-time Lake of Stars Performer, and has worked with organizations such as British Council, Goethe- institute Raising Malawi.
“Feels Like 1995” features mostly a younger generation of Malawian Emcees and Singers that are established and also on the come up. Get the full mixtape here.

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1 thought on “African Hip Hop: Feels Like 1995 Mixtape

  1. Dominant 1 has released two singles for upcoming album Invisible Tears Because of My Reign, 1st Single is Deez Niggaz and Unstoppable feat Kananji and LadyX. Both Songs are Produced by Dominant 1, Dominant 1’s Twitter Account is @d1malawi and fellow artists Kananji Twitter Account is @Risiiing

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