AbOriginal Music present Boogey

Fresh Sonic Produce from Naija: Following on from the success of his collaboration with Morell, “One Ticket” which, dropped in January, Nigerian Hip Hop artist Boogey is back with his new hip hop single, “Sanctum”, a thoughtful meditation on religious hypocrisy, and the importance of faith and self belief in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

A glimpse into a more personal side of Boogey , “Sanctum” finds Boogey attempting to reconcile questions of faith and personal morality in the face of spiritual and artistic obstacles, and ultimately finding peace of mind in a sense of purpose founded on innate self-belief.
Signed to AbOriginal Music, Boogey is currently working on his debut EP soon come. In the meantime
check it out Sanctum (Tweet or Like to access file).

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