Zone Fam Contolola Remixes

Zone Fam Contolola Remixes Have Plenty Music

Zone Fam @zonefam continue their world wide quest for world wide domination by any music genre necessary. With the rise and rise of Afrobeats in general we are totally convinced that they will get there too. Here are latest remixes of Zone Fam’s Hit Contolola by Jae Jo from Germany and Sebastien Dutch from Zambia. Zone Fam are currently recording their second album and recently released their second single Sinjonjo which we featured on Have Plenty Music. Which one do you like?

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  1. […] Sonic Produce from Zambia: Taurus Musik bring you Zone Fam’s latest music – Lobola Features and is also produced by Lusaka based Producer/Singer Shom-C […]

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