Yes We Can

Can we? If you haven’t already cop this compilation released by outhere|records. Yes We Can! Songs About Leaving Africa presents 15 artists from Africa and the Diaspora who share their perspective on migration. Alongside the first official release of Afrikan Boy’s ‘Lidl’, K’naan track called ’15mintues’, the compilation features contributions from Senegalese rap group Daara J Family  whose track ‘Unité 75’, is named after the 75 Cfa that a phone call to Europe costs in Senegal and addresses the pressure of sending money back home.  Senegalese rapper, Matador, talks about the growing alienation young people feel towards their home country Senegal whilst Coupé Decalé Martin Pecheur from Cameroon sheds light on  the ‘virus des sapeurs’, a movement that originated in the Congo and which places supreme importance on western designer clothes, sophistication and a gentleman’s code of conduct.  Visa issues are reflected on ‘Green card’ by Ghananian Rapper Wanlov Kubolor whilst Kedjevara Izé from Cape Verde sings about being homesick.

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