Umlilo | The Elements Music Video

Umlilo, The Elements Video.

Umlilo, The Elements Video. haveplentymusic.comCape Town’s space age, booty popping, future kwaai diva, Umlilo releases a dark anarcho-art music video for his second single The Elements off his debut EP Shades of Kwaai. It serves the masses with a twisted empowerment anthem laced with all its empiric doubt fused into a multi-layered electronic sound with vocal textures over a dub beat. Umlilo is the delinquent musical brainchild of the artist
formerly known as Siya Is Your Anarchist. His signature sound dubbed future kwaai explores and pushes the boundaries of post-kwaito, queer township diva pop, electro and postdub.

Download and listen for free here:

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