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In tune with the RAHRAHNESS that December brings, we are dedicating the month of December to posts dealing to Top 5 on everything and anything we and you can think of. So this is not limited to African music and popular culture you may literallily pick any category and go… first up is Perivi aka Percy Jackson

1. Anything from Little Dragon — easily the coolest find this year!
2. Bon Iver — Fuckit, I’m a softie.
3. How to make it in America Season 2 soundtrack — The most eclectic mix of music you’ll ever hear. Great sounds from a great show that speaks to me and my crew of late 20 yr olds still trinna ‘get it’
4. Hynoptic Brass Ensemble — The name says it all. Cool hiphop cats playing horns.
5. (Tough Call) The Roots’ Undun – Because it’s their best work in years. And it’s a mini movie, why do people get points for concept albums? Isn’t an album meant to have a consistent concept??

Note: Still waiting on… Common’s Album.

Shoutout to Frank Ocean – King of the sensitive thugs (Sorry Drake and J.Cole)

1. The Tree of Life – JUST SEE IT.
2. Restless City – The coolest film by a black filmmaker I have ever seen! Andrew Dowunsu is the feature of African cinema, fuck Viva Riva!
3. Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives – A year old I know, but hauntingly beautiful, stirs and stays with you, even if you can’t work out what actually went down!
4. Melancholia – Hauntingly beautiful, (that’s my thing) Another movie that explores themes I dig – apocalypse, meaning of life, spirituality, etc. It’s the dark, almost anti Tree of Life.
5. Midnight in Paris – Cause I love RomCom’s (Good ones) And this was one of the best films of the year, Woody Allen back at his best.

Shoutout to Wasteland – a literally life changing Brazilian Documentary.

Note: Still need to see a string of Oscar hopefuls that all have the habit of not being released till like Dec. 31st!

To participate pick any category and email your top picks to
Leave your two cents if you agree or disagree. Healthy is banter encouraged.

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