This is not mountain Pop

Core Wreckah is a Lesotho native through and through, born and bred in Maseru, the mountainous country’s capital. Being from a small country has enabled him to have a view of the world that stretches beyond his own confines while giving him the opportunity to
re-imagine and channel the energies of his ancestors through the medium of hip-hop.

‘Ngoan’a Nts’oana’ is a term of endearment which was used by Core Wreckah’s grandfather during his lifetime. A crude translation yields ‘Child of Nts’oana’, with Nts’oana being the name of a being whom Core himself never did figure out the origin nor purpose of.

This is not Sesotho funk. This is not mountain pop. This is hardcore hip-hop delivered with a gutteral growl akin to the style which has been perfected by the long-standing tradition of Basotho freestyle rappers (liroki), and replete with call-and-response chants which have become a staple of Basotho music. Check out for updates on the Lesotho hip-hop scene.

<a href="" target="_blank">Ngoan&#8217;a Nts&#8217;oana [a teaser] by Corporate Nemesis</a>

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  1. Nice one.Loving the dooin it cut.Salute

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