The Hangover Takeover

RUN NAMS is taking  Namibian hip hop to a whole new level with their aptly titled track Hangover which  all to well documents the blues of facing ‘The Morning After’ after a heavy night of wilding out.

Unlike other hip hop groups, RUN N.A.M.S.,MC’s Phill Banxx, Shay I Sparks, Cabinet Reshuffle, Southwest and PK leave the meaning of its name up to the fans.  ‘Mix it up. make it whatever you want it to be;  it could be Namibian Artists Making Sound, or Never Anger Mad Scientists, it’s all up to you! its an anngram’ laughs Phill Banxx. Meanwhile Hangover continues to blaze through the Namibian airwaves.  The music video is soon to premiere  on MTV Base. Watch out Africa it’ll be all over.

Hangover is available on Junodownload and Bandcamp.

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