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Music Monday | Trompie gets Re-CONNECTED

Check out South African producer Trompie doing his sampling beatstrumental thing using one of his favorite hip hop groups Foreign Exchange. In his own words:’ I made beats sampling the music from Foreign Exchange “Connected” album… I still hope one day the original owners will get to hear their work sampled and instead of shooting […]

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Larry Achiampong interview by Ninkisun

Larry Achiampong – MEH MOGYA (SAMPLE OF ME)

Larry Achiampong is a London-based artist whose work explores perceptions, misconceptions and concepts of identity with regard to his Ghanaian and British heritage. His practice crosses various media including painting, drawing, installation, sound, video and into music and performance events. He recently released a beats -instrumental mixtape titled “MEH MOGYA (SAMPLE OF ME)”, embarking on […]

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Becoming Phill – Different

Haveplentymusic’s own Becoming Phill has uploaded his latest beats/instrumentals aptly titled purge -accept – renew. Watch this space for his latest EP coming soon. Different…. by BecomingPhill

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