Str8Buttah’s Deck the Nexus drops Instrumental Ep

Str8Buttah once again proves that they are not just a generic rap group. Founding member Deck the Nexus aka Professor Deckzavier goes for solo on this one. Like the X-man who inspired his moniker, Deckzavier sonically projects the listener into his astral plane and lets them roam free of charge. Employing multi-layered obscure samples, a myriad of vocal snippets and gritty boom bap, Deck creates what he calls an abstract thesis based on the fundamentals of hiphop-golden era style. Dig this and dig it deep. Available as a free download from the Str8Buttah website.

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6 thoughts on “Str8Buttah’s Deck the Nexus drops Instrumental Ep

  1. Yes ooo. The numero uno rap crew in Nigeria.Yes I said it.No one does it better..nice one Mr deck

  2. Great material…collectors item. The professor!!!

  3. I like the whole idea of the colloquium. It confirms d fact that there are so many ways one can pass across a message sometimes without saying a word and be really clear about it. The track is informative and nice. I like the EP, it’s worth the download.

  4. @naija boy wonder…i concurr with that, the numero uno hiphop crew in Naija

  5. Super work done, I think this is beautiful.

  6. wonderful u mean!

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