Silvabaq – Be Fearless

South African Rap Mixtape Durban

Durban is not exactly known for hip hop but Silvabaq is set on proving us wrong with the release of their ‘Be Fearless’ mixtape available as a free download. The mixtape features 12 original tracks by artists such as P.O.U.N.D, Brett Botha,The Otherwise, Lee Ann King and Daft Punk and 3 freestyles over Kanye West’ s ‘ Monster’ , Calvin Harris’ ‘ Flashback’ and Oasis’ ‘ Wonderwall’ .
Silvabaq describe themselves as the poster boys of the party life with extensive footwork in the Durban party scene, living it up from the madness at the club to the deep introspection that follows the day after. Having labelled their sound as Hip Hop “broad band” the duo make music with no borders assimilating elements from Rock to electro.
Silvabaq are also founders of the biggest Hip Hop movement in Durban at present called RUN DBN. The RUN DBN movement has transformed the Durban’s club scene from one that almost entirely catered to House music to one that now has equal representation all around. Silvabaq are currently working on their debut album “Almost Human”. Stay
tuned for release date.

Download the Be Fearless Mixtape here.

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3 thoughts on “Silvabaq – Be Fearless

  1. Lola

    Can’t wait to hear the Monster Freestyles!

  2. Mr Soul

    This mixtape is definitely on fire. Genre benders + lyricists. I am sold on SILVABAQ

  3. TK

    These knuckas GO IN!!!

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