RUN N.A.M.S Mixtape Vol1

It’s official: RUN N.A.M.S, RUN NAMS.

This past weekend at a secret location in Windhoek, a genuine piece of Namibian Hip-Hop history was made with the launch of RUN N.A.M.S.’s long awaited MixTape Volume One. Attended by well over the 200 guests it had catered for, it flawlessly managed to espouse the atmosphere and gusto of an authentic Hip-Hop event.

Showcasing a variety of artists that hail from the RUN N.A.M.S. staple, and their younger counterparts Yung N.A.M.S., the crowd had their hands in the air and chanting the emcee interactions. Although it was prematurely quieted down by the Five Oh, it proved to remarkably compliment a satisfying ending to the shows’ experience.
There is no doubt that these guys have something truly unique. We want more.
Pictures of the event are available in the photo section of RUN N.A.M.S Facebook page.
Produced by Namibia’s premier Hip Hop producers Becoming Phill, Fredro Amushendje and Bu Square. The mixtape is available on soundcloud for your downloading pleasure. POW!

MixTape Volume One by RUN N.A.M.S.

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