Raw Music International | Kisumu, Kenya

Raw Music International is a TV show about underground music scenes around the world. On each episode, the team travels to a new country, gets deep into the music, and presents complex stories about the country through music and the people who make it. Aimed at American viewers the TV show is looking to answer this question: “What are young people up to around the world, from Asia to Africa, Israel to Iran, on Saturday night, and why does it matter back home?”.

Recently the Raw Music International team filmed their first episode in Kisumu, Kenya, recording everything from the legendary (and until recently “lost”) Luo guitarist Olima Anditi to blunted ass reggae to hip hop. The Kenya episode also resulted in a mixtape compilation which is available here: Raw Music International Mixtape (or check out the player below)

Here are some excerpts from the Kenya episode

More episodes are in the works. We will keep you posted.

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