PepeSoup is the Afrotech/ UK Funky House duo formed by Italian producer/DJ Francesco Cucchi a.k.a Cukiman, and vocalist/radio presenter Miss Annie from Liberia. Bringing the sound of west Africa to the dancefloor, PepeSoup have released a number of tracks through their own indie label called Soupu Music.

West Africa Ep Vol.1 is a journey into the sound of west Africa. The first track “Agogole” performed in nine minutes freestyle by Miss Annie and Moustapha, is a deep Afro sound inspired by a traditional song from Senegal which talks about respect and responsibility. “Baifal Rhythm” is a classic tribal dj tool which contains a djembe live session played by Moustafa Mbengue. Baifal are the African fathers of rastafarianism. They live under Goree Island, coming out to buy pot and food.The third track ‘Uoka’, is a call to come together and dance. In PepeSoups’ words it is an “invitation to the dance of life”. PepeSoup music is available at all good online stores including Beatport, JunoDownload, Afrodesiamp3, Itunes. Watch out for more Afrotech anthems from this duo.

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