New House Music Mix: Township Treats

Brotha Onaci South African House music mix



“Township Treats” is a collaboration between two DJs who love the sounds being developed in the South African house scene. DrewCool is relatively new to the DJ world, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to one of his sets. After numerous trips to South Africa, he was drawn to house music and immersed himself into the township sounds of Pretoria, Durban, and Soweto. He has since been rocking DC parties like Afrobeat for ya Soul!, Sonic Diaspora, OkayAfrica, and his upcoming Woza brand dedicated to township funk. Brotha Onaci is an educator, turntable enthusiast, and producer in Philadelphia. He is a co-founder of Sonic Diaspora and the People’s DJs Collective, and is devoted to playing the best sounds from all over the world. Enjoy

New House Music Mix: Township Treats Brotha Onaci0
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  1. […] but note that this track has more of the typical Afrohouse sound you are are likely to hear from South African House producers. Check out the music video by Mister Diba with the Afrohouse tune Mambo Djambo. Available as a free […]

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