New EP: Badi “Si Je Meurs”

Check out Badi an unclassifiable MC, “Belgicain” of Congolese origin. He claims this gap, and doesnt want to fit his music in one box. Never satisfied, and an avid researcher in sounds has resulted in his nickname as Belgian Hip-Hop Spike Lee.
Badi lyrics are a mixture of humour and reflection, entertainment, baring his soul, African consciousness and absolute universalism.
Always busy looking to the future, Badi also likes to learn from his past, as showcased on “Pour l’Histoire”, a track influenced by the sound of the 70’s. Badi also took part in the “Heritage” project, realized by Pitcho who had reunited several artists from the diaspora for the 50 years of Congo Independence.

His new album “Si Je Meurs”, Badi invites the listener to a musical place that knows no boundaries.

Watch the following video of his project: “Si je meurs” :

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