Mixtape: Live from Zimbabwe

Nomadic Wax travelled to Harare in late 2010, and produced a short video on some of the emcees they ran into. The following year, Magamba premiered the Shoko Festival. As a co-sponsor, Nomadic Wax filmed the entire festival and put together a mini-doc on the groundbreaking event. With the 2nd annual Shoko Festival taking place in a few weeks, the Zim scene has seen an unprecedented multi-year stretch of massive growth and increased exposure.

To help create another access point for rest of the world into Zimbabwean hip hop, Nomadic Wax partnered with several other organizations and artists to put together an in-depth article on Shoko Festival 2011 and the scene in general in Zimbabwe, written by the emcee Hired Gun. Secondly, they invited close collaborator DJ RBi to put together a ‘Live From Zimbabwe‘ mixtape, which you can check out and download from the link below

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