Mistah Rae | 3rd World Superstar

Mistah Rae is a founding member of the Nigerian super Hiphop group Str8Buttah.Having solidified his rep as a high calibre lyricist amongst his peers, Mistah Rae steps into the solo terrain and in order to expand the ever growing Str8Buttah brand teams up with Zambian based producer Dj PeeWee on this hard hitting track aptly titled 3rd World Super Star.
Forget the glitz and glamour, Mistah Rae brings poetic precision plus the gritty reality unto the forefront on this solo effort.
He even takes time out to address the typical African despotic regimes and Somali nuke waste dumps amongst other things. Much respect goes to Dj PeeWee for crafting such a symbolic ambience that hits harder than an 18 wheeler on the wrong lane. This is definitely a true Hip-Hop joint for heads and anyone with an open mind for something out of the ordinary. As the hook sums it up….

….You can keep the bling, champagne and caviar
My people need shelter, food and running water
So as long as I live, I be a 3rd World Super Star.


Produced by Dj PeeWee
Taken from the Brand New Masquerade Ep

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