Midweek Chill with Yung Verbal featuring Izrael

Yung Verbal Featuring Izrael | Survivor |  haveplentymusic.comCheck out the latest solo effort from Zone Fam Member Yung Verbal featuring legendary Zambian RnB singer Izrael formerly known as Exile.

Survivor talks about Yung Verbal personal struggles and how he always found solace in God.

Midweek Chill with Yung Verbal featuring Izrael Exile0

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2 thoughts on “Midweek Chill with Yung Verbal featuring Izrael

  1. fresh track..so much passion and its so easy for some of us to relate to it….it has a feel about it that just reaches deep into my soul…. it makes me look back and say ” i have come this far,by God’s grace,what stops me from going on. i f i could make it through that,…. i can make it through anything.” love it to death…. once again..its a great track. #much_respect….#salute

  2. […] the leading single from Holstar’s latest Afrobeats inspired EP. It features Zone Fam member Yung Verbal and rising Zambian Afro Dancehall RnB sensation Luwizzy. Check it out […]

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