Iyadede is talking to God


Check out new music from Rwandan born artist Iyadede. Her name was given to her by her grandmother and means ‘Nobody but Dede can walk in Dede’s shoes’. Her mother worked as a Dj on Rwandan national radio and Iyadede says she came to music ‘through her pregnant mother’s belly’. Iyadede fled the impending genocide in Rwanda with her mother and relocated to Belgium. Now based in New York, Talking to God is Iyadede first studio album and an exploration of different musings and styles.
How can we best describe her music? Eccentric electro pop beats doused with a unique Iyadeye inflection? That’ll do for now. Only God knows where this African child will musically end up. We are definitely curious since she IS talking to God. Talking to God is available for free downlaod on Bandcamp.

<a href="http://iyadede.bandcamp.com/album/talking-to-god">Emergency by Iyadede</a>


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One thought on “Iyadede is talking to God

  1. jeremy

    I really really really like this

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