Event|African Street Style Festival@Shoreditch Church 24th June 2016

African street style festival London 2016African street style festival London 2016





















The third African Street Style Festival @streetwithstyle took place on a balmy weekend in Shoreditch, centred around Arnold Circus. Promoted by Shoreditch based- Soboye Fashion @samsonsoboye, Calvert Street and Arnold Circus was well and truly Africanised over the weekend with African themed clothing stalls run by the likes of Soboye, @ContinentClo and @OpenTheGate_ and Ghanaian food served by @GhanaKitchen! There was a fashion parade on the stage by models outfitted with Soboye’s wares with a stylishness and verve reciprocated by the crowd, which numbered a thousand or so strong. Closing off the performances of the final day was a dance showcase of various Afro styles  by dancers from @ZecLuhana, director of the ZIKOMO dance company. On the astroturf further back amongst those who were relaxing rather than dancing was gnawa master @SLagnawi and his band.

However, the highlight of the day was definitely @SonsOfKemet set just before then. Sons of Kemet are a jazz combo whose main melodic thrust is the unpredictable and energetic saxophone and clarinet of @shabakah with added urgency by the twin drumming of Tom Skinner and @polarbearseb. Playing tracks from their latest album Lest we forget what we came here to do, they finished with a joyous rumbustious version of  In the Castle of My Skin.

Also performing throughout the weekend were @MeltYrselfDown, @YussefKamaal, @FamilyAtlantica and @irineunogueira, all showing that London and Africa are continually influencing and inspiring each other producing artists that are London-rooted but are totally at home with Afrikan culture.

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