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……..Music nerds, beat junkies, diaspora birds, drum scientists, afropolitans. We are an online tribe with our ears to the ground and eyes to the African sky on a quest to deliver sounds from emerging African acts, dj’s, producers. We are here to present it, promote it and sell it. To let you enjoy this fresh produce from the sonic farms of the hypnotic mother continent. For content submission (music/art/film/culture) use the submission page or email haveplentymusic@gmail.com If you are interested in contributing as a regular writer please email info@haveplentymusic.com

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“The person to whom things are brought does not know the length of the road.” Ovambo Proverb

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“You were put in this world to help people. But if you can’t help them, don’t do them harm.” – Dalai Lama
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“I’m a self-destructive mental fuck-up, hence my state of mind” – Hymphatic Thabs