CLASSIC DIRT Compilation

Classic Dirt is a compilation tape by San, the Instru-Monumentalist from Lesotho and Phil, the Kritik from Uganda, two beatmakers/producers currently based in southern Africa (Lesotho & South Africa to be precise). The project can be explained as the end product of like minds, the consequence of understanding the musical and artistic benefits borne from international relations. Classic Dirt brings together on one record, a host of emcees, producers, vocalists and poets to wax lyrical with prowess over production by the Kritik and the San. The compilation tape boasts the verbal talents of John Robinson, MSU, Lyrical TIP & Nawty P, Sage, Muzzy Muzz, The Holstar & Ceeceefied, Trained Monkeys, BeatNick Dee, Core Wreckah & Deney, KV Beats, Little Vic & CP, Moka Only, Cymtom, Pitso Ramakhula & Sledge.

Download Classic Dirt HERE

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