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Punk in Africa

Digg Punk Rock? Then check out Punk in Africa a documentary on the punk movement in Southern Africa notably Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Kenya. It is co-produced by Meerkat Media (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Bohemian Lion Productions and Peligroso Productions (Prague, Czech Republic). The documentary highlights four major aspects: The origins of punk […]

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New EP: Badi “Si Je Meurs”

Check out Badi an unclassifiable MC, “Belgicain” of Congolese origin. He claims this gap, and doesnt want to fit his music in one box. Never satisfied, and an avid researcher in sounds has resulted in his nickname as Belgian Hip-Hop Spike Lee. Badi lyrics are a mixture of humour and reflection, entertainment, baring his soul, […]

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The World Ends

Check out this release by UK-based label Soundway Records who specialise in re-releasing long lost and forgotten recordings from around the world. ‘The World Ends’ compilation showcases what is not usually associated with African music: the wave of Afro and psychadelic rock groups that emerged during the early 1970 in Nigeria. To find out more […]

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