B Sheba | Hello World

Bsheba | hello world

……is the first release by Ethio/Eritrean singer/rapper Bsheba and is also featured in the movie Toe2Toe. Born in Addis Abbaba, Bsheba is currently based in Washington DC as is also the Executive Producer of the Kafa Beanz “Andromeda” project. Kafa Beanz is an Ethiopian-American Artist’s Collective whose latest project is a fusion of Ethio Hip Hop and Neo Soul. The collective includes Burntface, BSheba, AP, Gabriel Teodros, Wayna, Tex Boogie and Hermela Mulatu. Hello World is produced by T-Ro of Digital Khaoss. Check out more B. Sheba music on Myspace and buy her single here.

<a href="http://bsheba.bandcamp.com/track/hello-world">Hello World by BSheba</a>

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