Brother Onaci – Radiant Soul Mixtape Vol 2

Maximum enjoyment coming your way once again via Radiant Soul Selekta, Brotha Onaci, who is back with another digital crate of positive hip hop! The Radiant Soul Mixtape Vol 2 connects hip hop artists from the U.S., Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria for an episode of audio abolition. Some of them like The Invisible Enigma, Synik and Fecko the Emcee have been sourced through the!

After the radiant sonic injection spread the love by passing on the goodness, LINKS, checking the artists’ websites, hit them up on the Twitter, the Bandcamp, the Myspaces…
And that’s right, it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD

1. DJ.BasketQASE – “Beat For Frankie Ruiz”
2. R.i.C (Rumor in the Chi) – “Unconditional Love” F. Nicole Eboni
3. The Invisible Enigma – “Strawberry Jam in Jarheads” [prod by Teck-Zilla]
4. DETROIT PIStoLS (Power Is Surrendering to Love’s Strength) – “Ground Beneath My
Feet” [prod by Sterling Toles]
5. Just Jay – “Going All In” [prod by TallBlackGuy]
6. Akua Naru – “The Wound” F. Blitz the Ambassador
7. K-Nel – “Nina Nnjaa” F. Kawira
8. Josh – “Throw It Up”
9. Synik – “God Within” [sourced from]
10. Sincerely Yours – “It’s All Good” [prod by Slot-A]
11. Fecko the Emcee – “Flow Global” (Afrobeat Remix) [prod by Teck-Zilla]
12. KrisDeLaRash – “Consumption”
13. Emcee Nemesis – “The Children”
14. Neak – “It’s Your World” [prod by INTLMC & Slot-A]
15. Add-2 – “God Bless The Dead” [prod by Slot-A]
16. Abstract Wolff – “Rose Amilla”
17. Vallentine & Arazan – “Dark Sunrise” [courtesy of Slang Audio Records and Keleketla! Library]
18. K-Von the Great – “I Will Achieve”
19. Amun Miraaj – “Hell”

For a full tracklist and Links to the artists website click on the player.

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