Boddhi Satva feat Game Wallah

Boddhi Satva feat - Game Wallah - Apaga O Fogo

Boddhi Satva feat - Game Wallah - Apaga O Fogo
Early 2012 Boddhi was touring in Angola and connected via friend and fellow music producer Djeff Afrozila with Kuduro sensation Game Walla. Recorded at Kazukuta Studios in Luanda, Angola, Apaga O Fogo (Stop the Fire) is an ode to social awakening. It is inspired by the actual state of the African Continent. A fast rising economy living behind the “weakest” in it’s necessary quest for recognition in the globalized world we live in.
Produced by Boddhi Satva, the release features remixes by South Africa’s most in demand producers/remixers UHURU appearing courtesy of Kalawa Music and a Ancestral Dub by Offering’s Head Honcho himself.

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