Block Kids on the New

Block Kids on the New is a dynamic Hip Hop duo hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, consisting of MrRiz aka Rizmagik and Skivvy-G aka Joe Nameless, who both rap and make beats. What was initially a joke between childhood friends with a number of past collaborations, the name Block Kids On The New soon stuck as a moniker the two would go on would use for their Self-titled Debut EP. Bringing the funk-playful facet of Hip Hop which has been much forsaken in past years is what these two beat heads pride themselves in. While versatile, one could easily describe their approach as brash, modern and lyrical. The debut EP plays to each one’s strength, mixing true school lyricism with wit and pop sensibilities, giving the listener an exhilarating ride through the psyche of these two (apparently) twisted individuals.

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