Becoming Phill’s PHILLANTHROPY series!

Fresh Sonic Produce from Namibia: Becoming Phill is feeling generous! Hence, PHILLANTHROPY!
The Phillantrophy series will see the release of free weekly or bi-weekly music by Becoming Phill. These assortments of on-the-fly guerrilla style recordings, as they are usually put together in less than a day, will be available on and Becoming Phill’s Soundcloud page. On each track he will join forces with artists from all corners of the globe giving the PHILLANTHROPY project a truly international scope. If he is too busy to obtain vocals, he will release free instrumentals and let YOU do the recording. Having worked with artists from Lesotho, U.S and the U.K. and Nigeria, Botswana and Japan in the pipeline, this is sure going to be exciting. The themes around the music come organically with no specific agenda’s being followed so expect a broad range of music.

Check out the first set of songs below:
[audio:|titles=Jezebel feat Core Wreckah and Southwest]

[audio:|titles=Love Hurt and Apologies ft Indigo Ali and Percy Jackson]

PHILLANTHROPY WEEK #4 FreeBeatSet by BecomingPhill

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