If you need a fix of Ayobaness after the world cup craze check out this nifty EP called Ayobaness – The Sound of South African House released by German based label Out Here Records. Featuring tracks by man of the moment DJ Mujava, L’Vovo Derrango Shana, DJ Cleo, Pastor Mbhobho and more this compilation is a cool introduction to the sounds reverberating through the townships of South Africa today. Available here.

“Ayoba” is a slang term used by South Africans to express amazement.

It is derived from other slang terms, like “Ayeye” or “Ayoyoyo.” It was originally meant as an approval/appreciation of good dancing, although the exact origins of the phrase are unknown. It is thought to have roots in Johannesburg township culture. It is however, uniquely South African and expresses delight, excitement, agreement and approval. It is also used as a greeting.
Source: Wiki Answers

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