Ananesworld Remix Collection EP

Vega & Nervous Records are proud to present the Ananesworld Remix Collection Volume 1, the first of three Volumes for Ananesworld Remix Collection EP and offering the first set of six remixes. Ananesworld Remix Collection Volume 1 will feature Anane’s Plastic People and Terra Longe, two of her hit tracks off of the Ananesworld full length CD.
A collection of industry heavyweights are behind this remix collection and have each brought their interpretation to Anane’s sound. Plastic People includes remixes by Adam Rios, Antonello Coghe, Rancido as well as Charles Webster and Atjazz, two of England’s dance floor heavy hitters.

Anane’s Terra Longe is performed in her native language and captures the essence of her deep Cape Verdian roots.
Terra Longe has inspired remixes from none other than Louie Vega, who having worked on Ananesworld full length album has what may be the deepest understanding next to Anane herself for this music.

Antonello Coghe teamed up with long time friend and producer Filipe Narciso to create Terra Longe Dreaming Cabo Remix and Dreaming Cabo Dub.
Volume 1 also includes Terra Lounge remixes by Zepherain Saint and Boddhi Satva with his signature ancestral sound.

Ananesworld Remix Collection Volume 1 is available at the Vega Record Store and all good outlets.

Preview and listen to below:

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